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In July of 1958, the first Don’s Car Wash opened.  This wash was located at 1802 Main Avenue in Fargo.         


These were crucial years for Don’s Car Washes.  Most people from the Fargo area had not been through a conveyor car wash.  Much time and promotion was needed to acquaint people with this new service.  At that time most people washed their cars at home or at a service station.  In 1961, Phillips “66” gasoline was added to the two locations.


In 1976, Don’s bought out an existing location in Moorhead at 1010 Main Avenue.  After completely reequipping, this location was opened in the spring of 1977.  This property was sold in 2013.  Our Dual Serve car wash is located at 2727 13th Ave S in Fargo.  The 13th Ave location was opened in 1992.  Our newest location Don's Convenience Center & Car Wash, located at 2500 52nd Ave S in Fargo, was opened in February of 2011.  On June 22 of 1987 an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was put into effect.  The ESOP was bought out in 2016 and Don's is now locally owned and operated.

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